Celebrating Our Nurses
During National Nurses Week

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It’s National Nurses Week, and we’re raising our stethoscopes to the modern-day Florence Nightingales at Martin’s Point Health Care who do so much to inspire their patients to get and stay healthy. And, at Martin’s Point, nurses find many ways to practice their art of healing.

“Martin’s Point is unique in that we provide both direct primary care and health insurance plans, so our nurses play different roles, depending on the line of business,” says Dr. David Howes, President and CEO. “Whether they’re providing clinical care to our patients or managing the care of our health plan members, their work is essential to our mission of improving the health of our community.”

At the seven Martin’s Point Health Care Centers in southern Maine and Portsmouth, NH, our nurses are members of integrated clinical care teams. They collaborate with primary care providers (PCPs) and staff to work at their highest professional level, providing patient-centered care and education to 79,000 patients.

As a provider of Medicare Advantage plans for older adults and TRICARE Prime® plans for military families, Martin’s Point also serves over 90,000 health plan members in northern New England and beyond. Nursing counterparts on this health plan side support members with complex chronic conditions, helping them navigate our health care system and develop skills to manage their health.

Sharon Foerster, MSW, LCSW
Director,  Martin’s Point Comprehensive Care Program

Care and trust pay big dividends

Spearheading several innovative care management programs, Martin’s Point nurses provide close medical support and develop trusting relationships with their patients—efforts that pay huge dividends for patients in terms of health outcomes, experience, and cost containment.

One such program helps patients smoothly pivot from hospital to home or rehab. Population health nurses work with recently discharged patients to reinforce new treatment plans and medications, update medical records, engage resources like Meals on Wheels, and coordinate PCP follow up. Their work helps speed recoveries, reduce duplicate testing and treatment, and prevent hospital readmission.

Providing care and hope when it’s needed most

In the Comprehensive Care Program (CCP) and Integrated Care Connection (ICC) program, population health and care management nurses partner with patients and health plan members who struggle to manage multiple chronic conditions.

“We help determine what is most important to our Generations Advantage members, and then support them over the long run to achieve those person-centered goals,” explains Sharon Foerster, CCP director. “With the patient and their PCP, we identify care needs and coordinate specialty and social services to help members stick with their treatment plans and learn about preventing reoccurring symptoms.”

“In the end, it’s about giving patients the tools they need to succeed,” says population health nurse Christina Schoenberg, RN, BSN, CCM.  “The most essential thing we do is see each patient as a whole person, truly listen and learn what’s important to them.”

Christina Schoenberg, RN, BSN, CCM, Martin’s Point Population Health Nurse

And, for many patients who may have given up on ever feeling better, it’s about restoring hope—a driving force in motivating patients to actively engage in their health. In the simple, but powerful words of an ICC program participant, “This program makes me feel like somebody cares.” And that somebody, undoubtedly, is a Martin’s Point nurse.

This article originally appeared in the Portland Press Herald.

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